Marhaba & hello!

I'm currently conducting research on decision-making at the Laboratory for Computer-Human Intelligence at NYU Abu Dhabi led by Prof. Tuka Alhanai. While I'm in Abu Dhabi for this year, I recently found out that I'll be heading to Beijing in August 2021 to complete a Master's degree in Global Affairs with a focus on technology and education at Tsinghua University as a Schwarzman Scholar.

I graduated in May 2020 from NYU Abu Dhabi where I represented my class as student commencement speaker. At NYU Abu Dhabi, I studied computer engineering and completed my (now published!) senior thesis on explainable machine learning for the early detection of heart attacks.

I'm interested in many things (liberal arts got the best of me). More broadly, I'm interested in looking at the societal implications of AI and the Internet and the role computer science education plays in that process, with the goal of building more responsible and ethical tech. I'm currently helping co-design and co-produce this year's Mozilla Festival (MozFest), the world's leading festival for the open Internet movement, on trustworthy AI. Last summer, I co-built Multiplicity, a digital curation examining the global impact of the Internet on young people's lives, with my classmate and friend Alia Elkattan.

Finally, I'm a film enthusiast! I've written about all sorts of films academically and extracurricularly. Most recently, I co-curated a film issue on "Unequal States" with over 30 films documenting global inequality for the science-film platform Labocine.

I promise I'm more interesting than this website and its plain design in real life. So, if you wanna give me a second shot at impressing you, you can reach me in several ways:  lujainmibrahim  lujainibrahim